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Comment 52 by cholsy 1: When blanket statements, such as 'anyone who believes in God is an idiot are used, it's very hard for me to respect the source. It's an inaccurate statement...until statistics are available proving such.

Anyone who has never bothered with education and who has never bothered to learn about stuff in the real world is often referred to a as an idiot in everyday discourse. If you replace "idiot" with "lacking in education" then the statistics point overwhelmingly towards a state of affairs where educated people do not believe in gods, whereas the uneducated, the "idiots" in everyday discourse, overwhelmingly believe in the god of their upbringing. Much like yourself, I rather gather.

For starters, check out this link. Try not to be offended by the rubric; approach it with an open mind.

High IQ turns academics into atheists

There are literally thousand of papers that reach the same conclusion. Go on Cholsy, get reading. Start educating yourself. It is never to late to learn.

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