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Every time I attempt to have a rational discussion with someone who professes that homosexual behavior should not be granted equal protection under the law with heterosexual behavior, it all boils down to this:

Homosexuals are revolting, icky and creepy.

Yep. That's it. After each and every argument from "The Sacred Scrolls" or "God Said" is countered with rational argument, the statement above (or something very similar) is the final argument.

And that tells me all I need to know about these primitive, ignorant, aggressively stupid fucktard bigots who scream and whine about THEIR 1st Amendment rights, but adamantly refuse to recognize that homosexuals have the same inherent rights as they do.

It isn't about right or wrong or what "God" said. It is about xenophobic hatred and control.

Wed, 30 May 2012 20:17:35 UTC | #944599