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I wonder if people are allowed under British law to criticize Sharia.Yesterday a women who was blatently making horrible racist comments on a train was sent to prison for 21 weeks.

It seems that if people are offended apparently we can be jailed just for what we think and say now.

The thing is before coming to this site i would have thought that it was good that a racist got jailed but now i have read comments about people not having the rite not to be offended.I see things differently.

I am worried about the future of free speech in Britain.

There was an interesting interview with Peter Tatchell on the BBC, and he expressed similar comments in the Guardian...

I think Peter Tatchell is right about free speech......there should be absolutely no 'right to be offended'....but I also think context is very important. The lady on the train was basically being foul mouthed and abusive, and in an environment where people could not just easily get away. I support her being sentenced.

Part of the reforms that Tatchell is calling for include the removal of the word 'insulting' from the Public Order Act.....not least because what is insulting may be totally subjective. And of course, we all know how the greatest preponderance of people who hide behind the 'insulting' clause are the its very relevant to being able to criticise the spread of Sharia law.

( Incidentally.....for the would be good to have a seperate thread on the Public Order Act proposed reforms ! )

I do not support criminal prosecution for loud foul-mouths. I do, however, support non-adjudication of those who would bind and gag such an idiot until s/he could be safely put off at the very next stop.

But perhaps I'm a little more "chimpish" about my right not to be subjected to someone else's stupidity.

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