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The sympathy for Hamas is not because they are fundamentalists but because Jews invaded their land, occupied it for 64 years, and turned them into second class citizens. My sympathy is DESPITE their religion. These guys wont think twice about blowing up innocent citizens. I don't think they need your sympathy.

Both sides have killed many innocent civilians. If you actually look at the numbers Israel has killed an order of magnitude more than their enemies. Its just when Israel or America kills civilians its reported as "collateral damage" when Hamas does it its terrorism.

Sam kind-of covers this in the article. Israel doesn't build rocket launchers and such outside of schools and areas populated with women and children. They don't stockpile weapons and dangerous things inside of hospitals. Hamas does... on purpose. I would be willing to bet that a large number of civilian deaths Israel caused is due to the purposeful placement of potential targets at or near large gatherings of innocent civilians.

They are using their brothers and sisters, mothers, daughters and sons as human shields. It's one thing to feel bad for the victims, the innocent civilians, but there is a clear moral divide between the two right now, and I don't understand how anyone can blur that line.

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