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I admit I'm not as educated on the topic as I would like to be, but a quick google search of "Hamas' tactics" or "Hamas using schools as cover" brings up quite a few articles and examples of this despicable strategy. Booby-trapping entire civilian streets, hiding weapons in mosques etc.

This could all be propaganda of course, I have never been there. But all of the pictures and stories out of that area don't exactly paint the Hamas/Hezbollah military operations as a beacon of moral standards the area should look up to, you know? If I am wrong about this then I will humbly apologize.

I'm not saying Israel has no fault, and that they don't make bad decisions. Of course they do. The whole thing just seems like one giant modern holy war. All I am really trying to say is that one side purposely uses their civilian friends and families as human shields, and one doesn't. For me, an outsider looking in, I really don't care if their ancestors were kicked out of their land, poor education, politics, and their sad economic situation makes them desperate or willing to fight. There's no excuse for human shields. They may find solace or reasoning for this tactic in their twisted religion, but i'm not going to sympathize. To me there is a clear right and wrong answer on this particular strategy.

Again if what i'm saying is completely off or if I am missing something huge I would love to be corrected, I don't want to come off looking like a war crime supporter or an apologist for bad US/israeli decisions.

Wed, 30 May 2012 22:33:44 UTC | #944644