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It's impressive to know that theism is diminishing in so many areas, giving credence to the idea that religion is a social-emotional management tool and a comfort, its increase linked to poor social factors. The title is tautological, though. An increase in atheism by definition is a decrease in theism.

Comment 3 by mmurray

In light of the Ipsos MORI poll, I agree. But I wonder if it works both ways. I wonder, for instance, if this trend is in itself any reason to relax. In fact, I suspect most of those atheists are not reasoning that they must be atheists (explicit atheism), but are simply being born into a tolerant time and not thinking of it (implicit atheism). It seems a shame, and a possible cause for worry. The evidence suggests that, if a socioeconomic lapse occurred, some of them might switch back to religious behaviours and beliefs. I'd also like to know how acceptance of science holds up among them.

Still, at least they don't necessarily have one particular and widespread erroneous view. When it seems atheism is having problems, this sort of information certainly looks promising. It's just a matter of sticking to our position, discussing it in public, and letting a good trend continue.

That said, I'm looking at the US of A, and I'm not cheered by what I see in that superpower...

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