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Comment by Jos Gibbons

Group selection isn't a plausible mechanism; it literally can't work. Seriously. Just try writing down equations that allow it; you can't do it.

Equations? I don't believe that Darwin used equations. His theory was a matter of common sense, once someone came up with it. Group selection, as I explained it, is also is a matter of common sense. Your attempt to demand equations before you will accept something as true smacks of obfuscation, in my opinion.

It isn't obfuscation, its science.

If you can't write down the equations, at least write down a series of very simple steps - the algorithm - that will show group selection. Any half competent computer programmer should be able to produce a genetic algorithm to demonstrate evolution by natural selection in hours. It shouldn't be difficult to produce one to demonstrate group selection - if one knows the very basic steps.

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