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Comment 3 by Schrodinger's Cat :

Thus I find either an expression of belief or disbelief meaningless. You might as well ask do I believe the univere has 57 dimensions. The only conceivable response is......I haven't the faintest idea.

That is a very interesting point. In this sense, to claim atheism requires biting on more than there is to chew. I know some people say that being an atheist is too certain (what Michael Shermer calls hard or strong atheism) to be intellectually honest, but I think the atheism in your sense can entail refusing "concepts regarded or labeled as theistic/deistic because they are incoherent." Hmm, would that require knowing more about what you're against to be able to say that? Could you reject the possibility of the concept given that it doesn't have enough to be plausibly conceived?

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