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I also would like to see both an updated (at least to 2011) chart and one that has more of a breakdown in categories. Not only "do you believe in the power of prayer?" and that sort of thing, that tests real religiosity, but also a breakdown among the main religions.

In the west, at least, one would expect there to be far fewer apostates from Islam than from Christianity, so if I see that the UK, for example, has an increase in atheists from 9.6% to 17.7, I am certain the increase would be primarily among CoE Christians and not among Muslims.

I suppose the average Muslim apostate would not be keen to admit it, especially answering a telephone call in his own home, so it might be nearly impossible to get a good count.

The US continues to be a puzzle. It is as if a virus got loose and infected a huge portion of the population, mainly the Republican portion, and made them stupid.

I sense the plot of another dystopic sci-fi novel coming on.

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