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I wonder if sex is also a function of multicellularity, in that it is not practical to clone yourself after you pass a certain body size or complexity.

In other words:

  • budding is impractical after a point because the metabolic needs of the offspring, before it can survive on its own, exceed the practical capacity of the parent

  • binary fission is too complicated/difficult for a complex multicellular adult organism, and too risky (loss of half the resources, increased possibility of faulty replication of organs, organ function disruption as it duplicates, etc.)

  • vegetative reproduction has problems with dispersal of offspring and therefore competing for resources

  • So sex may have had some value in sharing the metabolic needs of the offspring between two different individuals, and reducing the risks involved in duplicating an adult organism.

    I realize I'm probably stretching things, but I thought it was worth the discussion.

    Thu, 31 May 2012 16:36:12 UTC | #944770