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I am not in sympathy with any attempt to limit the rights of a nation to rule itself.

At some point in the evolution of man, the basic human rights for all inhabitants of this planet, needs to trump the geo-political boundaries of nationhood. How else can we ever stop the atrocities that happen. A nation's right to self-goverance should not guarantee that nation the right to to abuse it's citizens, nor allow abuse of it's citizens sactioned by laws enacted.

If anything, I would say that a failure to comply with human rights standards should be the catalyst by which the rest of the world says you have lost your right to self-governance. How that would be enforced is a topic of another discussion, but in the same way that when observing a confrontation between a bully and his/her victim, I am compelled to intercede, either directly (preferably in a non-violent way) or by alerting the authprities, the world at large needs feel compelled to intercede on behalf of those who can't defend themselves.

I realize that this may seem a naive and idealistic viewpoint, but nonetheless, I believe (or at least hope) there will come a time when the collective of humanity will stand up and say enough is enough, this insanity must end.

The only way that is going to happen is if we stop assuming nations have the undisputed right to self-governance. They don't nor should they.

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