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@OP - It is the great anomaly, the United States, that has long perplexed sociologists. America has a large, well educated middle class that lives in comfort—so why do they still believe in a supernatural creator? Because they are afraid and insecure. Arbitrary dismissal from a long held job, loss of health insurance followed by an extended illness, excessive debt due to the struggle to live like the wealthy; before you know it a typical American family can find itself financially ruined. Overwhelming medical bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy.

The effect can be more direct. For instance, the absence of universal health care encourages the utilization of faith-based medical charities. The latter, as well intentioned as they are, cannot provide the comprehensive health services that best suppress mortality at all ages. But charities extend the reach of the churches into the secular community, enhancing their ability to influence society and politics, and retain and recruit members.

If we look at the standards of service and costs of US health-care compared with other countries, it becomes obvious that Americans pay roughly twice the price for a poorer service than Europeans. As this national geographic article & OECD graph show:- (Click enlarge for a clearer view) The USA is the thin red-line going off the top of the costs chart!

There are also reflections in the standards in other countries in relation to religiosity.

Wow I have never seen this before, thank you so much

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