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If Nazis were doing this to Jews, we would step in and put a stop to it.

Well, truth be told Roedy, the world didn't.

Comment 2 by Jay G :

I am not in sympathy with any attempt to limit the rights of a nation to rule itself.

and Jay, once you make that blanket statement, it means that North Korea has definite rights to do what they do; that Stalin's rules on forced famine (or Britain during the potato famine for that matter) is OK. That the Confederate States of America were right in permitting slavery. Freethinking doesn't mean anarchy, it doesn't mean chaos, it means intelligent reasoning and personal freedom as long as others aren't harmed.

I posted once that saying you aren't a believer was "almost" ok by many, but to use the word (shudder) atheist gets you persecuted. Freedom really is the freedom to say two plus two makes four (when the state says otherwise).

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