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The issue is that sharia IS NOT law unless it's allowed to take hold and propagate. Don't let it begin. At least, some of the red neck legislatures and governors here in the states have started passing and signing "no foreign law" bills. Of course, the stupid dhimmi feds are suing them, but so what? If enough states do it, the feds won't be able to stand up to it. I'm sure you Brits have a number of anti-sharia organizations in your country. Sharia has no place in Western Civilization, period. That should be perfectly clear except to the most delusional. And, this is not just a right-wing issue, even though many of the anti-sharia websites have a definite right wing slant. Sharia will put righties and lefties out of business equally. If you consider yourself a liberal atheist and think that you can somehow live with sharia, I have bad news for you. No matter how liberal and or atheist you believe yourself to be, nor how distasteful it might seem, we must join hands and sing kum ba yah with the conservative believers on this issue. No sharia in Western Civilization ...

Thu, 31 May 2012 19:12:22 UTC | #944813