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Comment 135 by ccw95005 :

God fearing atheist, you criticize me because I didn't specify everything? Good Lord. It was complicated enough and time consuming to present my extremely simplified scenario.

Criticism it might have been, but it was intended as positive criticism. You have spent considerable time already posting here, but all I can see are broad strokes. I was attempting to encourage you to use your programming skills and write a simulation. As any programmer should know, you know you have really understood something when you can write it in (working) code. The arguments will then change from the vagaries of English descriptions, and assumptions of their consequences, to clear, concise descriptions, and scientific results.

Getting stuck into simulation and/or maths seems to be the obvious next step, but maybe I've spend too many years in the lab.

Thu, 31 May 2012 20:16:15 UTC | #944830