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Whatever way it is cut...this must be very uncomfortable reading for delusionists united!

The trend in non reversible it is to widespread over the countries polled and to consistent in the main , it is highly unlikely to reverse and the only doubt is the duration for what remains.

It will drop like a rock around five years to a decade from now, when the older generation that in the main are the majority of fans of woo, whether through habit or 'belief' in fairy stories (mainly cos they cannot understand the modern world and certainly not science). Anyway then the stats will plummet...nowt so sure! The resulting fallout will fracture and schism the moderates and it is doubtful they will recover ever again...maybe the weakened nonsense will lose state sycophantic 'respect' cos all that is left will be cult like enclaves...they will lose society backing and the spiral down will continue...maybe they gain the perception of pariahs...just weird inadequate folk that 'believe' in supernatural gobbly gook and hold bigoted and hateful opinions...a bit like now only with less support, we can but hope.

Clerical laundries must be on overtime.

Thu, 31 May 2012 21:25:32 UTC | #944846