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Comment 143 by ccw95005 :

Guys, I think we've beat my little theory to death.

It wasn't a theory, it was a hypothesis. When challenged by Jos to produce the maths, and me to produce a simulation, you wimped out.

For me, it's straightforward, almost trivial to grasp. I believe my logic is easy to understand, if you're a logical person with an open mind.

"The easiest person to fool is yourself"

I know that on a Richard Dawkins site (and I'm an admirer of him, myself) it's going to be difficult to find people willing to consider that group selection can work.

Terrible isn't it. Your pet hypothesis, which you can't be bothered to actually put any real work into developing, but will waffle about endlessly, has been pooh-poohed by a group of Dawkins sycophants.

I have read that group selection is becoming more widely accepted among the experts, although admittedly I don't know what their versions of group selection are exactly.

What? You have little idea what these people are talking about, but you know enough to think they are right (and Dawkins is wrong).

So I'll leave it at that.

That would probably be best.

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