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← You want to ban hate speech? Isn’t that what religion is?

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Why do irrational people keep equivocating hate speech? Perhaps it was very badly named.

Free speech is a good thing, but like any freedom it could cause harm to others. Libel, slander, and the old "yelling fire in a crowded theater" all cause harm to others and so we make it illegal. Making 'hate speech' was going too far. Hate speech is any speech that is discriminatory and may cause a riot... so basically if you want to turn somebody's free speech into hate speech you simply have to incite a riot over it. Ask radical Muslims how it's done.

Even though it has 'hate' in the name, speech about hate is not hate speech. It has to be something prejudiced against an entire ethic group, country, or religion, which is why it's somewhat ironic that this article vilifies Christianity and Islam. If it also included instructions on what to do about these villains, it would be hate speech... can you see why I'm not a big fan of making this a crime?

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