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I am pro gay marriage and pro freedom of religion. Can religions discriminate? No. no one is forced to join any particular religion or church. For example, Baptist are not forced to join a Methodist church. Also Baptist do not go into a Methodist church and demand the Methodist church change its doctrine to suit their beliefs. They build their own churches for people who share the same beliefs to join. If gays want to be married in a church then they should join a church or build a church with followers who believe in this doctrine, not go into an established church and demand it change its doctrines to suit them. It really is that simple.

What if one of the churches you mentioned - pick one, any one - was brought under the auspices of the state.

Was supported financially by the state.

Was recognised by the state as the official religion of the state.

Was given the power - on behalf of the state - to conduct legal binding contractual ceremonies.

Should they be allowed special dispensation to discriminate between citizens of the state?


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