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Matt Seaton of the Guardian re: the correction on this piece(1 June 2012 7:31PM, page 27):

I edited the final par simply because I felt it offered a bit of a blizzard of questions, which slightly clouded the central issues already illuminated by the piece. The cut was intended to keep a clarity of focus.

I am pretty sure that this edit was made before publication, not post; so I don't think you could be getting that text from a cached early version (indeed, you don't). We do occasionally make editorial changes post-publication – usually to correct typographical or factual errors, or to update the article; but our practice is to place an endnote acknowledging the amendment or alteration. It is just conceivable that I hit 'publish', and then had second thoughts, and immediately made a further edit, without noting it; but I think I would remember doing so.

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