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Comment 14 by Border Collie :

Does Katherine have the guts to write a similar article about Islam?

Who are you and what have you done with Border Collie? Seriously, this is a response I'd expect from CEF themselves. We're all aware that the Koran contains plenty of 'kill the infidels' material and that this is propagated via some madrassas, even in the West, but no one - to my knowledge - is openly campaigning to put such garbage into the US school system, with Supreme Court approval. We're all aware too that public criticism of Islam is somewhat more dangerous than criticising Christianity - though that seems likely to change if a generation of American children are left to the mercy of the CEF. Finally, this is a case of what I call the 'yes but X is even worse' argument. Perhaps there's proper name for it? (Someone tell me if there is.) Anyway, it's invalid.

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