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My response to the original post:

I'm afraid there are far too many assumptions here for me.

I personally have listened to the stories of at least four members of the clergy project. I have had the fortune of hearing two other former clergy tell their stories as well.

I realize that sample size is small, but the reasons you give don't fit their stories. Well, perhaps one does: "Some struggle with immature and simplistic assumptions about God, providence, and suffering that persist long after they have pursued a formal education." TRUE!!! And a fine definition of Christianity. Mature faith may simply lead to no faith at all.

Most speak of a gradual de-conversion that eventually led to full fledged denial. None wanted that path, secretly did not belief earlier, or seemed especially immature in their knowledge or learning. Maybe they simply had the courage to look in places most clergy won't.

I wonder, did you listen to their stories? They are readily available with little effort. Most of them have been willing to answer hard questions from atheist and believer alike. Your questions would have been welcome. Their answers would have made for an article worth reading.

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