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I can never understand how religion always seems to take the largest proportion of the figures in the UK. I don't know many people at all who give a stuff about religion and church attendance is almost non-existent. But I suppose those same people might also nominally describe themselves as 'Catholic' or some hippy wish-washy term like 'spiritual' or 'agnostic'. Are the questions skewed to count 'anything but self-declared militant atheist'? The recent RDFRS study of Census Christians was a far more realistic representation of my experience of religion here. The growth in the numbers probably isnt then an indication of actual irreligiosity, more a growing confidence in saying 'I don't believe' when before it might have seemed 'unseemly' or 'arrogant' to discount the idea of gods altogether. The US sticks out like a sore thumb in the Western world in this regard - but even here our ingrained cultural deference to religion still has a lot to answer for.

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