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I stay in hotels a lot for work, mostly within Australia, and I've never noticed a bible in the room.

I will now endevour to look for a bible, and if I find one, I'll throw it out.

On a slightly silly note and depending on my mood, if I were to find a bible in my hotel room, I've throught of ringing reception to complain about not having a torah, a set of vedas or a quran (whatever takes my fancy at the time), and putting on mock offence at not being able to have a copy of such.

Another optin is to request a copy of On the Origin of Species, The Greatest Show on Earth or A Brief History of Time for my "moral and spiritual enlightenment". Again depending on my mood.

Mostly, by the time I'm back in my hotel room I'm too tired to be bothered with the shenanigans that would be involved in the last two paragraphs.

Sun, 03 Jun 2012 00:44:32 UTC | #945236