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I saw that interview with the dentist on TV . Why is a dentist doing that? Not that anyone should do it but for that matter have a veterinary . This shows how girls are subjugated due to Islam. The ultimate way to control females is by taking away their sexuality and sexual desire.

This practice amounts to barbarism and should not be allowed in civilized countries. The parents of these girls should be the ones going to jail. There should be some kind of organization that provides help and shelter for these girls.

There has to be adverts on TV telling people this practice is a crime. It is not a religious ritual nor is it prophylactic . Those who get this done to them are permanently ruined. It is not circumcision as some people name it. This leaves the girl with permanent problems, infections and can die from this. It is a mental mutilation as well.

Everyone in the world should unite to permanently stop this horrible practice. That kind of thing is against the law here in the USA. I believe that parents are at fault and there needs to be an education campaign targeted at them or threaten them with jail time and loss of paternity rights..

Sun, 03 Jun 2012 19:35:02 UTC | #945330