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Comment 4 by Robert Firth :

If this petition were to stop infant and child genital mutilation, I would sign it in a heartbeat. But a petition that ignores 95% of the victims of this barbaric practice is one that I will not sign. First, because it is sexist and morally wrong. Secondly, because it denies or diminishes the suffering of half of humanity. And finally, because it will be almost completely counterproductive: it will only confirm among the practitioners of FGM the disgusting hypocrisy of us Westerners, who condemn them for doing to girls what we routinely do to boys.


Firstly, I don't see how trying to prevent the suffering of one group of people diminishes the suffering of another group. I'm not even sure if I care if it does because circumcising boys is just objectively not as bad as FGM (not that I don't think circumcising boys for no reason should be illegal).

And secondly most of the West doesn't actually routinely circumcise boys.

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 04:37:45 UTC | #945398