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Seems there is a concentrated nest of barking dingbats, seems a couple of Montagnier co-authors/imbeciles are known... this paper has an abstract from two of the co-dingbats...

Emilio Del Giudice and Alberto Tedeschi

Water plays a fundamental role in living organisms. Liquid water includes coherence domains (CD) where all molecules oscillate in unison in tune with a self-trapped electromagnetic field at a well defined frequency. The coherent oscillation produces an ensemble of quasi-free electrons, able to collect noise energy from the environment and transform it into high grade coherent energy in form of electron vortices. This high grade energy may activate the biomolecules resonating with the water CD. In this way water CDs become dissipative structures in the sense of Prigogine and Froehlich. In this way CDs become able to oscillate and a coherence among them can be established. Autocatalysis in living matter thus is made possible.

No wonder is it that their output is self published. Although...this one was.....

Dieser Artikel wurde veröffentlicht in: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Volume 28 Issue 1 2009

Which I cannot find anywhere fu anyone?

Their conclusion is a priceless piece of deep joy!

The picture sketched in the present paper is still very preliminary and needs much further research before achieving a level that allows a close dialogue with the empirical evidence. Nevertheless, this picture fits in a qualitative way some main global properties of living processes that are completely unexplained in the frame of conventional biology .

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