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Comment 1 by VrijVlinder

I saw that interview with the dentist on TV . Why is a dentist doing that?

I would imagine because no one would suspect a dentist of doing it, so no one would be monitoring him for it. He's under the radar (at least, until he gave a TV interview...).

That kind of thing is against the law here in the USA.

It's against the law in the UK too -- indeed a special law specifically outlawing it was passed in 2003, to make sure there were no loopholes. The scandal is that the law is not being enforced. If you have communities of Somali or Eritrean immigrants in the US, chances are it's going on there too, under the radar ...

Comment 4 by Robert Firth

Get over yourself. If you can't compromise your delicate conscience enough to sign a simple petition in an urgently needed cause just because it doesn't also address a related cause, you need to clamber down from your high horse a bit more often. These little girls need people to stand up for them, not fastidiously dictate the terms of their support.

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