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Grandwazoo, let nobody tell you that this is difficult to prosecute. It is assault (sexual assault and assault GBH) under the Common Law. In other words, the guilty parties are sexual predators (and will have to be placed on your list of sex criminals).

The legislation regarding the reporting of sexual assault on minors can also be an important weapon in the hands of a competent prosecutor as well as the legislation regarding neglect and endangerment of children.

Most often, the child will not need to testify as res ipsa loquitur and the parents will have, at the very least, a burden to rebut. Good medical evidence will be crucial, though.

You do not even need the silly piece of legislation your Parliament decided to pass in this regard. The legislation makes it more difficult to prosecute, truth be told, so acting under the Common Law is the way to go. This is SO easy to prosecute under the Common Law that I can only surmise that the enactment of redundant legislation and the lack of prosecutions are politically motivated.

I am not an expert in English law, but any competent attorney will, no doubt, confirm what I say. I am sure you can find an attorney or barrister to draft a legal opinion to accompany your petition and I am sure many of them will do it pro amico (as a friend of the girls and without wanting payment).

Good luck.

(Sorry if I repeat stuff or miss a central point - I cannot access the article you linked to.)

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