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Comment 28 by TeraBrat :

I'm well aware of these crazy conspiracy theories. They come from the "9/11 Truthers". The people who say the government is behind the attack on 9/11, and the Oklahoma City bombings.

There is overlap but the two groups are not the same. I know a few 9/11 truthers who all believe in vaccines and I know one person skeptical of vaccines who is not a truther.

I also should say I don't like just dismissing things as "conspiracy theories". When you do that you are just applying a label and dismissing it without any rational thought. If you think about 9/11 for a minute there is no doubt that it was a conspiracy.

There is also little doubt that at least some governments or at least people in those governments (e.g. Saudi Arabia and/or Pakistan) helped it happen. So the question isn't was 9/11 a conspiracy but rather who was behind it. While I think most of the 9/11 Truther theories are ridiculous (e.g. missile hit the pentagon) and easily shown to be so, I also think there are things about the official story that don't make a lot of sense and that have never been adequately explained.

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