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There is a big difference between female genital mutilation and the removal of a foreskin. What makes it different? That one mutilates a person leaving them unable to enjoy sex and with physical anatomical disfunction . Pain and infection constant. They are damaged permanently.

I have spoke to many men about their feeling on circumcision and those who are circumcised do not miss their foreskin and can function sexually and have a normal sex life without any problems. Not to say that some may go badly, but the majority done by a urologist surgeon come out without any problems. I also have spoken to men who wish they had been circumcised as babies. Why don't they get it done then? Because as adults it is a very risky thing and involves more pain and potential complications from erections that rip the stitches open and it takes time to heal. Also leaves the penis disfigured. There are many medical reasons that require the male to be circumcised. There are no beneficial reasons behind the female mutilation . The sole purpose is to chastise them into submission. That is cruel.

What they do to these girls is life changing in a very detrimental way. It is torture. It is wrong. It should be stopped. It is a touchy subject but it must be talked about .

This mutilation became illegal in Egypt but apparently it has been overturned. How can this be? If anything good ever came from British occupation of Egypt in terms of bringing civilized behavior to the country, it has all but been forgotten.

So much so that this practice is allowed to happen in British soil. The law,It is not enforced , why? When I was a grade school teacher I used to study the children to see if they showed signs of abuse. There was one girl from south america. She was so thin she looked younger but mistakenly placed in fourth grade when she should have been in 6th.

I suspected she was being abused. I can't say what it is that lets you know. maybe I recognized myself in her. I told and nothing was done in my case. I did not want her to suffer the same. I reported my suspicions to the principal and they took her to be examined and child services were called.

It turned out she had been abused by a relative. It was the safest thing to be right about such a horrible thing. But it would be worse to not do anything about it.

If you or someone you know suspects a girl might be in danger of this mutilation, speak up !! The best thing that can happen is that you are wrong and there is no abuse. If there is you will be glad you did something to save a girl's life.

What can people do? wear a tshirt put up a poster in front of your house get a bumper sticker. Anything to get information out to people and to the girls so they can ask for help. So they know they are not alone and people care.

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