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I have spoke to many men about their feeling on circumcision and those who are circumcised do not miss their foreskin and can function sexually and have a normal sex life without any problems. Not to say that some may go badly, but the majority done by a urologist surgeon come out without any problems. I also have spoken to men who wish they had been circumcised as babies. Why don't they get it done then? Because as adults it is a very risky thing and involves more pain and potential complications from erections that rip the stitches open and it takes time to heal. Also leaves the penis disfigured. There are many medical reasons that require the male to be circumcised. There are no beneficial reasons behind the female mutilation . The sole purpose is to chastise them into submission. That is cruel.

I have to agree with you. I suffered from a condition a number years back called Phimosis. It was a bloody nightmare and required surgery to correct. I was warned that at my time of life there could be a certain amount of risk involved. Fortunately it went well, for the most part. Recently I discovered from my mother that I'd had the same condition back when I was too young to remember. My parents decided I should not have the procedure back then, I wish I had.

Needless to say everything is fine and fully functional now, but as a result of the operation I required 22 stitches and was laid up for 3 weeks, something I would have avoided if it had been done as a child.

Still, I don't condone circumcision for anyone whether on religious or cultural grounds.

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