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@ Amos,

That sucks, I know men who had that condition and also had to get circumcised. My own half brother had to get it at 12 years old. And ripped the stitches several times from involuntary erections. I would suspect that these things are spotted at childhood and ignored thinking it will go away then never talk about it. It is better to get it done for prophylactic reasons if a problem is found early. If only to spare the suffering. I suspect cultural and religious incorporation of circumcision in males started with medical reasons. It is still the only reason to have one.

I don't condone anything on religious or cultural grounds. Their track record is questionable at best. And the female genital mutilation is appalling . isn't child bearing enough torture ? I have a friend who has a daughter and she had a condition where the labia was closing over her vagina. She had to have several operations as she got older to keep this from happening. Surely there are many freakish things that humans have to deal with about genitals.And medical reason behind certain operations. In both males and females.

But it is not something to just do for no reason at all. What about hymen reconstruction. Another ridiculous invention by religion. So it is ok to give a clitorectomy but not to be a non virgin. I would think the operation alone is de virginizing.

@Michael: Thanks for that info

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