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"God" inserted for reasons beyond (likelier beneath) what can be called sense, is ALL that can be concluded.

"God", the most tenuous, drowned out, use of language: in a common word that is impossible to mean the same thing for virtually anyone chanting this in unison.

"God" the pretender of like mindedness, at war with like minds to reason, as if reason were the enemy of human dignity. How utterly revealing about the human mind we all share?

"God" the imposter upon human dignity and what can be arrived at through sensible discourse.

My decades tormented by this oxymoron, to which no common language could be sought and shared, is more straightforward than I ever dared let myself decide. We are responsive to intellectual corruption, by inheritance and continued, unreasonable demand! This really is the perpetual request, nay dominance, of who we always have been, to who it seems, we always will be. I cannot be true to my own mind and respect this. I am ensnared with what I am, absent all choices: my rank of reject; beneath the eyes and minds of ceremonial deism.

At last I can make sense of my sense of rejection, due my loyalty to search reason!

"Know thyself", is at last accessible to me!

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