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Amos, yea I get you though, muslims circumcise their boys at age 12, hardly benign considering puberty and complications. The practice in some cultures has deviated from prophylactic use to some kind of sadistic ritual.

In Africa it has been done to girls in some tribes for hundreds if not thousands of years. They use rudimentary tools like broken glass to cut them and cauterize it with ashes.No use of anesthetic.( Which is why I suspect this dentist volunteered to do this. He had access to local anesthetics.That may seem more humane to these crazy people. Which also shows they are aware of the pain inflicted if anesthetics are not used. Premeditated harm to another.)

In these cultures they are told that it is a step into manhood or womanhood. That it is essential to be able to bare the pain and struggle of life itself. This of course makes no sense at all and is muddied in ignorance and superstition.

The catholic church castrated their choir boys so they would keep their angelical voices, for centuries. if that was the only sordid reason behind it. It was culturally accepted at the time. Having fleas was a sign of upper class at one point.

Females are still possessions to be done with whatever they want in large parts of the world. All because of ignorance and the need to subjugate another human being.

There was an episode of a popular american show called Law and Order. An Egyptian man is murdered because he had hired an Egyptian doctor to perform a female circumcision on the man's niece. A.D.A.s McCoy and Ross have to deal with a clash between cultural convictions and the law.

Here is also an example of the wrong use of the term circumcision. it is mutilation which is much much worse. Cultural convictions are dangerous, no doubt about it. and this one specifically tops the charts for grotesque practices against a female. many survivors of this mutilation wished they had died from it.

It is heartbreaking and makes me feel impotent because it is such a covert practice, one only finds out after the fact from hospital and police reports. People may not understand doing this is no different than cutting off their arm or foot. Maybe if it was about that people would complain more about the practice but genital mutilation is something straight out of Jack the Ripper stories. Just horrible and hard to imagine, watching the videos of this practice sends chills down my spine and leaves me feeling very disturbed. This stuff is real folks it is happening and it has got to stop!!!

How can anyone do this to an innocent child? The parents should be prosecuted for this. They are the ones truly responsible. Every family who has a muslim background should be checked out by child services to make sure they are not doing this kind of thing. It may be invasive and they will not like it, but I don't like their rituals not here not where they came from. Intervention by authorities seems the only reasonable way. Those who are not extreme and do not condone this practice will have nothing to fear from the investigations.

In Utah there are mormons who are polygamists . It is their "religion" or so their book dictates. There were some allegations of sexual abuse and as soon as they were substantiated those kids were taken out of that environment very quickly by authorities. Religious or not , abuse is abuse. They can't use the religion shield to promulgate their activities as dictated by god. There are limits to this allowance.

Maybe I am extreme in my views. But it is from everything I have seen so far in my life.

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