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Comment 11 by AULhall

If you reread his previous answers I believe you will find that the 25,000-75,000 year range he is estimating is after the emergence of modern humans, which he estimates at 250,000 years ago. So his actual estimate seems to be that consciousness emerged somewhere between 225,000-175,000 years ago.

Thanks, I see I misread what he meant there.

However, I still find it hard to grasp what is meant by this other statement:

First of all, there could be little doubt that humans had a conscience 45,000 years ago, which is the conservative date that all archaeologists agree on for our having become culturally modern.

Again, if humans were already living as far apart as South Africa, Europe and Australia, in very different environments and with very tenuous (if any) link between many tribes, what could it mean to say we became culturally modern around this period?

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