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Comment 22 by Ignorant Amos :

No need to go as far as sexual assault with all the problems proving such entails.

It's common assault, sentence of 6 months.... cruelty to a child, sentence of 10 years.... actual bodily harm, sentence of 5 years.... and as far as I'm concerned it's grievous bodily harm, maximum sentence of life......

I have to ask why a special category was created for this heinous nonsense. I can only think it was for sentencing reasons...14 years for Female Genital Mutilation, see Legal Guidance. Until someone is actually convicted under the created legislation, it is a moot piece of law.

There was a need to make it illegal to take a child overseas and have FGM performed there by an non-UK citizen. But that was a change to the FGM act after it was put in place. I don't know what the reason was for making the FGM act in the first place.


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