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Robert Firth comment 4, you wrote: "If this petition were to stop infant and child genital mutilation, I would sign it in a heartbeat. But a petition that ignores 95% of the victims of this barbaric practice is one that I will not sign. First, because it is sexist and morally wrong. Secondly, because it denies or diminishes the suffering of half of humanity. And finally, because it will be almost completely counterproductive: it will only confirm among the practitioners of FGM the disgusting hypocrisy of us Westerners, who condemn them for doing to girls what we routinely do to boys" Whilst I agree with you about male circumsion being wrong, there is a huge difference between the two practices. Female Genital Mutilation involves the removal of the clitoris and more. Often the vagina is sewn up leaving just a small hole for mentrual blood. The only male equivalant I can think of would be having the whole or a huge chunk of the penis removed. It makes enjoyment of sex nigh on impossible, infection likely and childbirth impossible.That is why perhaps the term female genital mutilation has replaced female circumcision. The two are not comparable by any stretch of the imagination.

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