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I can never understand how religion always seems to take the largest proportion of the figures in the UK. I >>don't know many people at all who give a stuff about religion and church attendance is almost non-existent.


Religion doesn'rtmean Church of QEII, there are over 9,000 versions of the parasite.

You'll find all Muslims and all members of the paediophile organisation in the UK go to their monuments to superstition every day or at least every week.

Probably much the same for all the other sects of the Jewish Religion, especially the christian sects.

And don't rely on the Census figures. Just stand outside the Hindu monuments and pretty much any of the other monuments to superstition and ask the infected how many attend regularly.

Anyway, there are 6 billion religious/superstitious people in the world. Doesn't matter that a significant number are too young to determine their beliefs - by the time they become a recognisabe foetus ( you know, with gills and a tail) the parents are already planning the brainwashing that will determine the kids particular version of the religious parasite it will kill and die to remain infected with (with a 98%+ probability - 2% actually learn to read and choose to read non fiction so can escape (why there are a few million atheists (about 140 million globally))).

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