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When I studied chemistry, we were shown energy diagrams. The idea was a chemical system might have two stable (low energy) states. But there was a transitional state between them that had high energy. It was a hump to get over if you wanted to create a chemical reaction to transform one state to the other. Either you could add more energy, or find some way to lower that hump, perhaps with a catalyst.

This is analogous to belief states in humans. It takes quite a hunk of energy to flip someone from an atheist to a believer on vice versa. How can you lower that energy?

Consider the problem as how do you evolve a believer into an atheist. You don't do it all of a piece. You do it one tiny step at a time, on a metaphoric ramp.

What sort of intermediate states are there?

I think the key one is losing faith in the clergy while keeping faith in god. The clergy misuse their power in all sorts of ways, fake faith healing, soliciting money "for god" and spending it on purely personal desires, pedophilia, power, cruelty, hypocrisy, social status...

From there you work at cutting the notion that anything other than fallible humans wrote the holy books. My pranging argument here is the work is not nearly good enough quality to have been written by God. They must be forgeries. How dare you insult G~d by claiming this trash is His Work!

You nibble away, bit by bit, or by putting all these ideas out into the ether to work on all listening Christians simultaneously in parallel. You don't even have to argue for the non-existence of god. With the dogmatic belief in absolutely certainty knowing the will of god withered, the Christian is no longer dangerous.

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