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Comment 2 by Metamag

Totally agree the apologists and accommodationists do science and education no favours... These woolly minded and the dumbest of liberal cretins actually impede science and education with high octane unadulterated stupidity. They do more damage then the insanity they pretend to want to give equality towards. The religious...every single one of them... are not known for integrity or indeed intellectual honesty. They slide between the gaps in the secular armour to spread infection and contamination, that is what they are primed to do...and they take advantage with enthusiasm.

I do not differentiate b'twixt 'n' b' tween 'fundy' or 'moderate' ...any woo addled huckster or snake oil purveyor are by definition not a friend of evidenced knowledge and that fear stoked antipathy will percolate down to the lower echelons. From prime idiots like the A of C that pontificates on some spurious and vaguely pompously pretentious make believe question the vicious and ignorant little shit heads that whine about putting homosexuals to death as a matter of course, to the Cardinals that stertorously opine that atheists are sub-human and in the same breath blatantly lie about church policy in dealing with kiddy fiddlers. From the crock of shite mewling about some random and unspecified description of 'kinds' to the prissy numbnutted slack jawed anti-choice anti-vaccine anti-social band wagon they all pile onto while a praysin' jeebus and wailing hosannas to a fictional mythologically based brain fart of some goat herders a couple of millenia ago !.

So many versions of much utter piffle...and so much inflicted misery.

And the antipathy they show towards atheists pales into insignificance compared to the murderous hatreds they have for each other, that alone should be more then enough to realize that xianity has far less to offer then they boast.

Comment 3 by Roedy

Well the only activation energy available to utilize would be a size 10 steel capped boot up their jacksie as soon as they start their nonsense in any context.

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