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A good talk, I enjoyed it. Must have missed the bit where she embraced any theology. After all she was sticking to a talk about how Darwin would feel about modern day creationism if he was somehow resurrected. It was a talk given by an educationalist to students and teachers; not a debate on whether God exists.

I like listen to popular science advocates such as Eugenie Scott or Neil Degrasse Tyson. I understand the educational framework they exist in. They are paid to promote science not attack religion.

I'm sure their personal opinions are different to their public ones.

As PZ Myers says its ok to have different kinds of Atheists. Some bang the drum and others educate and spread reason that way. If you teach science well enough reason might follow.

in the case of an educationalist maybe the latter is a better approach? Maybe starting the lecture by saying "religion is wrong and heres why" would have alienated some of her audience given she was invited to discuss science as a promoter of science?

You know this is eerily reminiscent of my early days when I flirted with the Socialist Worker party at university. What put me off quickly was having to hear other people dissing their friends for not being a good comrade and for many they rated people on the extremeness of their position rather than what they contributed.

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