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Point of pedantry...

WTF does a NUN know of sexual ethics that includes topics such as gay marriage and masturbation? If there is anyone less suited...would that not be a pope?

If, as Richard suggests, she might actively be working on a 'bend it or break it' mission with regards to the doctrinal garbage the RCC spouts...fair go, but what are the odds that is the plan?

She might well be laying it out in the book as she sees it from a street level angle, methinks that certain facts are easier to come by the nearer to the topic one ventures, much more to do with reality then from a Vatican office resplendent in a self invented pompous old man's ego fuelled morality but really a nun pontificating on sexual could not make it up!

If the penguin has other goals in mind she would be more at liberty to expose the rotten underbelly of the katolik' delusion from a distance with experience and with evidence..a few documents targeted and liberated has precedence recently, maybe an ethical grey area in itself, but in dealing with such an immoral unethical institution is it not a road justified? that would have deeper repercussions then playing poor injured, put upon, and harassed nun!

I rather suspect she has no intentions of challenging the church, she is and has been a nun, if she finds the strictures to suffocating she has not let it bother her in the past and seems resigned to it now!

I rather suspect the RCC boys club is just kicking a few kittehs' and wimmins' to make themselves feel relevant.

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