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She came to her atheism via the common method of trying to defend her beliefs.

But how many xians actually try defending their faith?

They have no arguments worth diddly and the majority just rehash debunked church doctrine and fluffy pinkish subjectivity in equal measure and most do not even get that far...

Most flounce off with a curt 'if you do not know god then you do not understand faith'

A few even shake their heads in pity and wonder off muttering 'I will pray for you'

Very very few actually defend their beliefs to any basic level before howling about intolerance and intense devil inspired hatred for the bhabi jeebus!

Even so called clerics conversed with on the net...well they claim to be pastors or ministers of various cult flavours...most claim youth pastorship and some of active evangelistic status...even met one that claimed to be spreading the 'good news' on the net on any forum that did not ban him, as his god given calling...

Even they have absolutely no clue as to how to defend their delusion...the vast majority of these bunnies, after getting a thorough drubbing on their claims, always, and without fail in my experience, to fall back on the adage...' I do not discuss scripture with atheists' which kind of shoots themselves in the foot vis a vis their holy crusade to convert the godless! You cannot do that without actually engaging...few do...even less with any point to make!

And that is all there is...

Xians cannot defend the indefensible...simples! Those that do attempt to explain the nonsense with integrity and honesty usually end up backing themselves out of the delusion...a little perspective in analysis is a dangerous game for the theistically motivated, that is why so few actually do it, they instinctively feel uncomfortable....cos deep down they know only to well they are grasping at inconsequential straws in the wind...they just do not like admitting it.

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