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It always irks me when people take potshots at homeschooling as if it were nothing but a movement of religious zealots. It is just another example of how religion poisons everything.

The homeschooling movement in the U.S has quite secular roots and is not all about "childhood indoctrination". There are a ton of good good reasons to homeschool (including to protect children from the indoctrination that takes place in the normal school system such as mythologizing tales of George Washington and his Cherry Tree, for example—harmless misinformation?). Besides the typically poor education given in the school system, it is rife with gender stereotyping, enforces passivity, inculcates obedience to authority as the prime directive, consigns countless children to the dustbin of humanity by establishing a record of failing grades the only purpose of which is to help future employers prejudge potential employees and reinforce the class system, and harms children in many other ways.

There is a vast literature on the brokenness of the school system, and until it is fixed, thoughtful people will continue to choose to homeschool as long as it is an option. It is perhaps unfortunate that thoughtless people can do so as well, but that is a consequence of living in a free society.

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