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I was just giving the Catholic answer. Not suggesting I agree with it.

Oh absolutely, I was not suggesting that was your POV, but holing the theist barge before it evolved into an ark of ignorance.

As for Mary...more an embarrassment for the ' crows' then a boast methinks! Possibly played the 'She ain't a bug more of a feature' gambit on that one! When trying to hide to put it in plain view!

The insinuation in the pro katolik' leaning media at the time was all about kiddie fiddling and her integrity in revealing it, apparently that is codswollop, it was more to do with her insubordination and bruising a male crow's was a secondary affair to the kiddie fiddling fiasco!

But the taste of it remains rather bitter and false.and the katoliks' seem happy enough not explaining the reasons to deeply just yapping on about her extremely doubtful miracles in curing leukaemia and inoperable lung and secondary brain cancer...yeah right...fucking insulting bullshite!

Yet so holy was she that she spent her last years in a wheel chair...god really loved that one!

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