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At some point the bigwigs in the Vatican will realise that they no longer have control over the sexual (or other) behaviour of the general population, the behaviour of their adherents, nor indeed the behaviour of their own clergy. When most Catholics in the more advanced countries just ignore the Vatican's instructions on contraception, - trouble is definitely brewing!

As Feynman put it: when theory meets reality, reality always wins. Holy Joe can pontificate all he wants, but certainly in western Europe and the USA, his instructions are widely ignored. It seems that "advanced" Catholics, still believe in the Holy Ghost, but not in the Vatican bureaucrats as the middle men!

Maybe the RCC needs a few sophisticated theologians to sort the matter out?

Dinesh, where are you? And maybe Wild Bill O' Donahue can help out? William Lane Craig? (Oooops sorry, wrong sect!)

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 18:55:10 UTC | #945928