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Comment 4 by Rob Schneider

The believer is taught to deflect and run from self-doubt about faith issues. Finding a way to help them see that engaging their doubts, on their own terms, in their own time is a good thing... THAT'S the place to work on.

Completely agree that is the only place a lever can exert the necessary moment... but that area is well closed off and welded shut by early indoctrination.

The pursuit of knowledge and the way to utilize a critical thought process is harangued out of the victims when impressionable children with no faculty to challenge the edict to 'ignore that 'evidence' that does not lay at peace with scripture otherwise you will go to hell' and for the rest of their life a Pavlovic impulse so carefully installed early on keeps them off the grass so to speak!

So the acquisition of knowledge itself is frowned on and without that curiosity of 'things beyond' the process of critical thought...let alone introspective investigation... is not likely because these folk are mentally not capable of the first level of cognition.

It is interesting to note that those that do...there are a certain anarchic presence in any society... more often then not end up backing away from the delusion, exemplified by the likes of Teresa and Loftus even a former devoutly inspired long jump athlete called Jonathon Edwards who eventually thought himself out from xianity....a great shock apparently to many amateur xian athletic clubs that promoted Jon as a doyenne of xianity in sport.

It does happen...but the time it takes is out of all proportion to the amount of 'thought' that went into their enslavement. I would say that those who manage to think their way out are extraordinarily brave and principled folk and society in general benefits from them and need them. But even in the most honest character it takes so much time...that is another problem!

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