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Comment 11 by Neodarwinian

I do not want to see the world the theocrats have planned for us all.

They gave up the burnin' times with great reluctance...they have not forgotten the adrenalin rush and stench of righteousness such jollies provided, a great day out for the family apparently, and very cheap, just the cost of a bit of wood and a match.

One can bet the whole of the Western debt mountain on the fact that atheists and atheism will be a rather dangerous and open season pursuit. And the courts will be staffed by...sympathetic and biassed judiciary where the mere fact of being atheist trumps the law at any level. After them pinko homo's and uppity wimmins' with their ridiculous notion of not kowtowing to the men will be atheist and their godless ways to face the judge.

Then they will start on each other!

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 20:06:34 UTC | #945946