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Comment 10 by Richard Dawkins :

The Vatican is here simply upholding the vile doctrines that their church has always stood for. This was the church, and these were the vile doctrines, that Sister Farlwy bought into when she became a nun. If she disapproves of them, why did she become a nun in the first place? Why doesn't she get out now? Perhaps she has decided she can do the church more damage, and hasten its total destruction more effectively, by attacking from within rather than from outside? In that case I wish her well.


I'm assuming here that Margaret Farley was inculcated since birth, and chose her vocation as the best option available to her. That doesn't mean she understood then what she understands now. She has become a humanist at some point under the prevailing dogma. I see no hypocrisy here.

That being said, I wish her well as well.

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